Never Forgetting

By Yari Pujols

When I heard the news of Brittany’s passing I could not believe it. It was such unrealistic incident that I did not understand, but I know that she is in a better place. Brittany had such a good personality that made her such a great individual. I am so glad to have the privilege of being apart of her life. I wanted to show my appreciation for knowing her in a special way. This is when I decided to use my artistic ability and create a piece of artwork that captured her essence in it. My beginning stages of planning out what I was going to paint completely changed in the finished product. I knew the things that needed to be incorporated into the painting to represent who she was, like her number, 24, that always seems to pop up around me. I could not forget her favorite college team, the Duke Blue Devils, and added the color blue to her number. Also, I know I had to include her love of basketball because that was a major part of her life. When I began to paint the river I thought it was a good idea to put moments of her life with us to signify how much she loved it. The setting with the trees and the sun setting represents her spirit always being around us. The complete result is something that I feel is exactly what I wanted to accomplish and portray in my painting. I am very thankful to have known such a beautiful individual and been apart of her remembrance.