I knew pretty quickly after Brittany's accident that all that had happened and would continue to happen would show up pervasively in my music...when the fabric of who you are has been inescapably altered, it's just unavoidable. I was intimidated to write songs about it, though, because I was overwhelmed by the thought that I must do both my relationship with Brittany and Brittany herself justice. How do you even begin to honor your oldest and dearest friend, especially when that friend was Brittany Simpson? But...the Lord has shown me more faithfulness, mercy, and cradling love than I even knew how to ask for, and He began to free me from my apprehensions slowly but surely as He taught me about His character and gently continued healing (and continues to heal) my heart. About seven months after January 24th, I finally felt ready to write it. So here it is: my first song for Brittany...and there is more of my heart in these lyrics and this melody than anything I have ever written.

I usually have a really hard time naming songs, but this one came easily:

A Song For Sister

For eighteen years, we shared a smile
You own my oldest memories
You knew the child beyond my cynic’s mind
And we knew joy beyond our means

You’d swell with simple pride at
Your restless traveler
Wandering through my endless
Words and thoughts and songs, and oh
Now it seems that you have
Been the one to forge ahead

We grew but childhood never left
Mischief would reign our old age
I still sit with you in Grandma’s tree
We laugh at the world below us

Oh, how strange to sing of you
In words ornate and solemn
I cannot help but write this
But you are beyond this song, and do
You hear my spirit ache now?
I think you’ve always known these words

I want to go home….
But I have more to do here, so
Sister, wait for me at home
Someday I’m coming home

And I can’t imagine a more beautiful sight
Than your blue eyes dancing with His light

And I will join you in the light
I will join you in the light
I will join you in the light
I will join you in the light
(so wait for me)
And we will dance in the light
(wait for me)
We will laugh in the light
(wait for me)
We will live in the light
(so wait for me)
And I will join you in the light